Homecoming Game ~ Osbourn VS Stonewall

Contributing Writer: Shivani Patel | Images: CCN-

Under the Friday night lights on October 7th, the Osbourn Eagles played the Stonewall Raiders at the James J. Leo Stadium. This was Osbourn’s homecoming game and a pink out for the Eagle students. The game was tight in the first half with the Raiders in the lead with 6 points and the Eagles with a score of 0 point. As half-time approached, the homecoming court nominees were called to the middle of the field. As the nominees were escorted down the field by their loved ones there was a glow of happiness on all of their faces. Finally the Homecoming King was announced, Anthony Pearson. Everyone clapped in joy. Now suspense gleamed across the field as the Homecoming Queen was about to be announced.

“Your Homecoming Queen this year is Charlotte Reid!” A spark of excitement was felt in Charlotte and she accepted her crown with a pleasurable “thank you!”.

Now as the game continued the Raiders at 6 and the Eagles at 0 the game was getting stressful for the home Eagles. The Eagles tried their hardest and put in their effort. Unfortunately, in the end the Eagles lost with a score of 0 and the Raiders with a score of 26. Either way the Homecoming game brought the Osbourn Eagles together in the eve of their Homecoming Dance!

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