The Manassas Airport’s 1940’s Hangar Dance

Contributing Writer: Kathleen K. Regalado | Images: CCN-

Swing into the 40’s!

On October 15th, the Manassas Airport hosted the Hangar Dance. It was a formal event with nicely dressed tables and exquisite food. The event was set in a tent with mannequins dressed in World War II military attire and aircrafts. Dinner was served along with delectable desserts enjoyed alongside a live band. Veterans as well as members from the Navy and Army were acknowledged and stood up: the surrounding audience applauded.

After dinner and cake, an auction as well as a silent auction for riding in jets and airplanes occurred and those interested and who greatly support the Manassas Airport took the bids. Proceeds from the aircraft rides would go to funding the Freedom Museum in the airport. Later into the night, there were Swing Lessons given in which all ladies stood on one side of the dance floor and all gentlemen stood on the other as the partners slowly learned the 1940’s rhythm. Overall, the night was a great change from the norm and money generated would serve a good cause for the city of Manassas.

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