Annual Greater Manassas Veteran’s Day Parade 2016


Contributing Writer: Erik Johnson | Images: CCN-

On Saturday, November 12, 2016 Manassas held it’s 8th Annual Greater Manassas Veteran’s Day Parade. The weather was perfect for the occasion with clear and sunny skies. Although there was a chilly breeze that did not seem to hinder the spirit of anyone who was attending or actually in the parade.
The parade had a great turnout of people, the sidewalks were full of families who set up chairs all along Center street to pay tribute to the veterans. The Marine Corps Museum had a tent near the pavilion which displayed several photos of veterans-they had combat gear, weapons, and tootsie rolls to tell the story of brave soldiers fighting in the Korean war. Not only were the people attending the parade able to enjoy the parade itself but they were able to leave with some knowledge of our fellow veterans.

The parade was wonderful. First it was lead by two police cruisers and following them were old fashion military vehicles. These military vehicles were big and some were armed with antique machine guns and were accompanied by veterans. Tailing the big green machines were tons of veterans on their loud motorcycles. There were also several vintage muscle cars, newer police vehicles, old fire trucks, more motorcycles. Local high school bands and JROTC were in the parade as well, showing their support for our veterans.

Overall this year’s annual Veterans day parade was a great experience for all those attending. It allowed family within our community to come together and show their appreciation for all of our veterans. You could see the excitement on everyone’s faces who were in the parade. Being able to gather with fellow veterans and the family members of veterans must have been a joyful experience for those in the parade.



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