Osbourn Wrestling at the Dudley Martin Duals

Contributing Writer: Yvonne Cruz | Images: CCN-
The day started early for the Osbourn High School Varsity Wrestling Team on Saturday, December 10, 2016 as they prepared themselves for the Dudley Martin Duels at Brentsville High School. Wrestlers from school such as  Brentsville District High ,Woodbridge High, Skyline High, Massaponix High, Saint John Paul High and others came to participate in the seasonal event.
Wrestling started at 10 AM.
There were 5 rounds; wrestlers from all over did their very best to try to achieve 1st place. A early morning rise , and a day full of serious wrestling didn’t stop the OHS wrestling team from performing wonderfully. They even had enough energy to goof around during their short lunch break.
By the final round, wrestlers were tired but still had the drive for the 1st 2nd , 3rd ,4th and 5th place titles. 120 lb wrestler, Firas Azzarkani, from OHS wrestled off in the last round for 3rd place and with success and took the 3rd place win.
106 lb wrestler, Andrew Holladay, from OHS proved that skill beats experience by winning his first match of the day. Many of the OHS Wrestlers brought home 3rd 4th and 5th place titles that day , but most importantly, they showed that this young team has the ability to be amazing and make a mark on this years 2016-2017 wrestling season.

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