OHS’ Wrestling Fundraiser

Contributing Writer: Brandi Hart | Images: CCN-
Saturday December 11, Osbourn High School’s wrestling team had their annual fundraiser. Every year, Osbourn invites young wrestlers from nearby to have live matches like our very own wrestling team. The varsity boys acted as the referees and score keepers for all four age divisions.
     The day started off with the boys arriving at 8:30am to set everything up and have a last minute review of the signals and how to score. By 9:00am the event was underway starting with the first division, the Bantams/Midgets. After three rounds of the little kids wrestling, they were finished and it was time for the next group of kids.
      Before the Juniors began their three rounds, they had time to warm up and review their wrestling rules while the referees and scorekeepers took a break. Once the Juniors had wrestled their three rounds, the Intermediate group was already weighed-in and ready to warm up.
     When the Intermediates completed their rounds, it was time for the Senior division, the last group of the day. They wrestled their three rounds and concluded the event. Overall, it was a fun experience for the younger kids and our high school wrestlers.

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