CCN’s Christmas Dinner + Gift Exchange

Contributing Writer: Kathleen K. Regalado | Images: CCN-

CCN Manassas celebrated our Second Annual Christmas Dinner Party as a team. It’s been a about a year since our last Christmas Party and CCN is composed of new and exciting members and ideas as our media team has expanded. We recently had our last meeting of the year and now have eaten together for the last time in 2016. It was a close to a great year of growth- sponsors and members spoke of our past accomplishments, current plans and upcoming ideas. Sponsor, Ms. Connors shared with the team about an upcoming New York trip that CCN can take apart of! Founder, Theresa Coates Ellis spoke of CCN’s impact and how to get us to reach farther into the community. Two of her daughters joined us as well.

CCN dined at Bella Vita Italian Restaurant and we savored buttery, flaky bread and an assortment of pastas, calzones, noodles and salads. Before out meal, we played a round of White Elephant Dirty Santa, in which all members brought in a not-so-desirable gift to exchange and steal from one another. In the end, everyone ended up with a brand new ridiculous gift such as drinking straw eyeglasses, a toy for toddlers, office supplies, spicy candy, an old mug and a haunted lamp!

The dinner was tons of fun for everyone! CCN Manassas knows we will have a fantastic upcoming 2017!

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