Manassas Regional Airport was packed with aircraft!

Contributing Writer: Kathleen K. Regalado | Images: CCN-

CCN paid a visit to the Manassas Regional Airport this past week to photograph and document the huge influx of aircraft landing and parking. The Airport Director, Juan Rivera, contacted CCN Manassas to capture the energy during the week.

Rivera told us that many aircraft were visiting during the  Presidential Inauguration and events in Washington D.C.

Visitors arriving in the DC Metro area would prefer Manassas because of less crowds, more affordable and a great facility. Private jets including a 737 lined the runway from Wednesday to Sunday. The week had a record-breaking number of reservations — more than 200 — for the airport.

We were escorted around the airport field where we snapped pictures of the huge planes with a bright blue sky and sunshine overhead. A beautiful, slick metal grey aircraft and a Global Express were stand-outs showcasing the diversity of our regional airport. The entire experience was memorable and educational.

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