ISCC Volunteer of the Year Annual Banquet

Contributing Writer: Kathleen K. Regalado | Images: CCN-

Service is important to a strong community – a city as strong as Manassas capitalizes on such opportunities to serve others.

The Inter-Service Club Council (ISCC) of Greater Manassas brings clubs and organizations that function in our city to exchange ideas and plans. Members share events and happenings to be more unified in the community.

On Thursday afternoon, January 19th, the ISCC hosted its Annual Banquet at the St. Thomas United Methodist Church where the members select one volunteer from each club/organization to receive a “Volunteer of the Year” certificate because of their strong devotion to service and cooperation.  The ISCC Board chooses one Volunteer of the Year from the club/organization submissions to grant an award. The winner for 2016 was Debra Bobbit, Volunteer Prince William.

New ISCC officers for 2017 were also installed.

Ernie Newland, President, called all guests to listen as the ceremony began. At the beginning of the night, Boy Scout Troop 670 welcomes all guests and had a Presentation of Colors and led all in attendance in the Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation. Boy Scout Troop 670 also served everyone salad to begin a delicious dinner buffet of rice, chicken, pork, green beans, apples, and bread with apple cobbler for dessert.

Guest Speaker, Ms. Dora Brooks, was introduced before she spoke of service and commitment. Her words were very inspirational as she told the audience her story of formulating her one-of-a-kind speech for ISCC Manassas. Dora spoke of songs and poems and experiences with the beauty of helping others.  She spoke of the selflessness and thoughtfulness that the ISCC represents.

Peter MacLeod called upon the new 2017 officers.

President: Theresa Coates Ellis

Vice President: Andrew Petty

Secretary: Paul Chase

Treasurer: Dale Fisher

Certificates of Appreciation were presented to the IJ and Hilda Breeding Foundation, Manassas Mall, and Vision Works.

Finally, the Outstanding Volunteers for each club in the ISCC are:

BSA Bull Run District: Irwin Lazar

Irwin was nominated because of his service, support and astounding leadership to Boy Scout Troops.

Bull Run Rotary Club: Theresa Coates Ellis 

Theresa was nominated because of her dedication to community enrichment, phenomenal leadership, and building connections with the education departments of our city.

Freedom Museum: Gerry Sproles

Gerry was nominated because of his strong reliability, unrelenting willingness to help others as well as his heavy involvement in city relations and clubs.

Lake Jackson Lions Club: Roy Sundberg

Roy was nominated because of his contribution the the Lake Jackson Lions Club and his work as the club’s Sight and Hearing Director where he polishes donated glasses to distribute to those that lack clear vision.

Historic Manassas Inc: Terry Lopez

Terry was nominated because of the time contributed to the Farmer’s Market and creative ideas that benefit our citizens.

Kiwanis Manassas Battlefield: Mike Driscoll

Mike was nominated because of his service in Kiwanis Manassas Battlefield and support of community involvment and growth.

Manassas Host Lions Club: Erika Laos

Erika was nominates because of her dedicated time as a volunteer that had developed the Manassas Host Lions Club.

Rotary Club of Manassas: Timmy Tyrell

Timmy was nominated because of his outstanding participation in the Greater Manassas Christmas Parades as well as forming Mini’s Mission, a charity that spreads awareness and raises money for pediatric cancer.

VFW Post 7589: Phillip M. Smith

Phillip was nominated because of his volunteer work with the AL, VFW, and LPCCI as well as serving our county.

Volunteer Prince William: Debra Bobbit

Debra was nominated because her kindhearted spirit and dedication to helping another human being without hesitation at all times.

The 2016 Volunteer of the Year award was presented to Debra Bobbit for her endless desire to help those around her and prepare for service no matter where she goes. Debra served in the military and is experienced in driving in harsh weather to get patients to appointments, especially winter blizzards. Debra’s passion beamed and touched everyone in the room.

A final benediction was given to all those present as well as a few word from ISCC new President Theresa Coates Ellis. Theresa reminded the group that the curation of ideas is important, but sharing them is equally important for maximum benefit for our efforts.

The ceremony was powerful because of the sincerity displayed by the ISCC of Greater Manassas volunteers and members.

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