Poetry Out Loud at the Manassas Center for the Arts!

Contributing Writer: Kathleen Regalado | Images: CCN-

Poetry Out Loud!

Poetry Out Loud is a competition that high school students participate in by artfully reciting poems to judges. The competition travels up from the classroom, to the school, district, regional, state and national level. It is fiercely competitive, yet accepting and welcoming to all.

The 4B Regional competition was held in Manassas’ very own Candy Factory Center for the Arts on the afternoon of February 9th. Our CCN team directed 2 cameras for video and one for still shots to capture the event within the brick walls.

Participants included:

Wendy Poe from Colonial Forge High School reciting

Difference by Stephen Vincenr Benet and

An Apology for Her Poetry by Margaret Cavendish

Teryn Cuozzo from Tuscarora High School  reciting

When I have fears that I May Cease to Be by John Keats and

Enough by Susan Buffam

Savannah Lambie from Heritage High School reciting

After the Disaster by Abigail Deutsch and

Self-Help by Michael Ryan

Daniel Klucinec from Chelsea High School reciting

Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge and

The Conqueror Worm by Edgar Allen Poe

Jennifer Prue from Charles J. Colgan High School reciting

I am Trying To Break Your Heart by Kevin Young and

Art vs. Trade by James Weldon Johnson

Jessica Howard from Rock Ridge High School reciting

I, Too by Langston Hughes and

Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing by James Weldon Johnson

James Harris from Battlefield High School reciting

Clear Night by Charles Wright and

Fortuna by Thomas Carlyle

Vivian Smith from Freedom High School reciting

One Art by Elizabeth Bishop and

Give All To Love by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Chiamaka Okafor from Patriot High School reciting

Kin by Maya Angelou and

The Gafe by C.K. Williams

Anna Repp from Fredericksburg reciting

Backdrop addresses cowboy by Margaret Atwood and

Often rebuked, yet always back returning by Emily Bronte

Rebecca Goodheart from Dominion High School reciting

The Light the Dead See by Frank Stanford and

The Obligation to be Happy by Linda Pastan

Lauren Bogle from Woodgrove High School reciting

Dear Reader by Rita Mae Reese and

Self-Portrait by Chase Twichell

Emma Capitano from John Handley High School reciting

American Smooth by Rita Dove and

The Good-Morrow by John Donne

Gladys Gonzales from Osbourn High School

Blackberry Picking by Seamus Heaney and

Please Don’t by Tony Hogland

Each participant would read the first poem of their choosing for the first round, and after a 15 minute break, read their second one. The judges were given a 5 minute briefing period to select a winner and a runner-up who would continue onto the State Competition.

Runner-Up: Emma Capitano

Winner: Jessica Howard

Manassas was proud to host the Regional competition for students to express the power of words and poetry and bring them to life.



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