OHS Alumni Spotlight: Calla Feucht


Interviewed by: Kathleen Regalado | Images: Calla Feucht

The OHS Alumni Spotlight is back!

Today the spotlight is on Calla Feucht- a successful woman that was once an Osbourn Eagle.

Calla graduated from Osbourn High School in 2009. Her time at the high school helped turn her “into the resilient person that I am today. I am not as susceptible as I once was to negativity and peer pressure”. Osbourn served as a growing experience for Calla.


Calla visits friends in Colorado while on a trip to a job interview.

After graduation, she went on to attend James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA where she pursued her Bachelor of Science Degree in Integrated Science and Technology, which covered the topics of biology, chemistry, physics, computer programming, and telecommunications.


Calla alongside her peers and professor for JMU’s Homecoming 2016

As she moved on from JMU in May 2013, Calla’s next step was to move to Plano, Texas to work as a software engineer for Capital One. She worked for the company for two and a half years, exploring various roles and earning promotions.After Capital One, Calla began working for Condé Nast, a publications company, in Austin, Texas.

Calla at Hackathon with peers (left) and performing in a community choir concert in Austin, Texas (right).

Calla spent her first two months with Condé Nast living and working in New York City. She continues to work for Condé Nast as a DevOps Engineer.

When asked whether or not she would ever visit Osbourn staff, Calla answered : “I have come back to OHS to visit staff! My mother works at OHS, so I find myself there more often than most. I do like to visit my teachers from high school — I think it’s wonderful to nurture those relationships, and to demonstrate to their current students the success that they could have after OHS.”

Her advice to current and upcoming Osbourn students is to absorb as much information as possible, to seek their passion and pursue it! Be your own best advocate!


Calla participated in the Women’s March on Austin 2017

Thank you to Calla Feucht for her contribution to CCN Manassas and Osbourn High School!

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