Places to Travel- The Occoquan!

Contributing Writer: Yvonne Cruz | Images: CCN-

People always say there is nothing to do in their area, but they never realize they don’t have to look very far to have fun!

One of the many hot spots in the Northern Virginia area is Historic Occoquan. It is a small town located on the Occoquan River right off of Old Bridge Road. The town is rich in history. It was established in 1734, and has seen many historical events such as the arrival of John Smith, The Revolutionary War, The Civil War, and much more. The town also has many amazing man made features such as the footbridge that goes across the Occoquan river, leading to a man made waterfall. You can even have the luxury of standing at the top of the waterfall, and seeing where the water flows from. Visitors can also experience the waterfall while listening to live bands play for free at the new River Mill Park, just recently added last year.

If you enjoy crafts and interesting art, Occoquan also hosts a Craft Fair two times a year which are open to the public. The Craft Fair has vendors line the street of the town, and you can experience everything from exotic foods, new aged art, African jewelry and much more. This incredible event only happens twice a year and will come again on June 2nd, 3rd, and 4th 2017.

You can also stop to visit the mansion at the end of Mill Street call Rockledge Manor. Rockledge Manor was built 1758 by John Ballendine and William Buckland. Rockledge has housed many different families and many different historical events. During the Civil War the house acted as a hospital. People are known to tell ghost stories of a soldier in high black boots walking around on the front property. The Manor now acts as a venue for parties, wedding, birthdays, anniversary, and reunions.

After stopping in at Rockledge you can walk right down the street to the Mill Museum to learn more about the history of Occoquan. If you are not interested in history, but you like to play Pokemon GO, there are no worries. The town has many Pokeystops where you can catch, and battle Pokemon. At the end of your trip to Occoquan make sure you stop by one of the many amazing restaurants for something yummy.

The next time you think there is nothing to do, just drive down to Occoquan to experience its history, joy, and the fun.

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