Brian and Melianty’s Spring Trips

Contributing Writers: Melianty Yularnis and Brian Timana || Images: CCN –

The start of the spring break, we took upon ourselves to have our own trip with a few friends to visit Busch Gardens in Williamsburg. All together we had a blast going on roller coasters, sightseeing and enjoying ourselves while being silly.

Also, during our break of April 8-9, the both of us had the opportunity to participate in a Virginia Tech Gateway Program. We were paired up with current Tech students who became our mentors for the weekend; showing us the ropes of Virginia Tech, also what their everyday lives are like. Things like their majors and what organizations they participate in, even advices to prepare us for Virginia Tech. During this weekend, we experienced their amazing food, fun events, the president box, and the opportunity to speak with representatives from each Tech department. In addition, we learned more about our future majors and met amazing people who we befriended and look forward to seeing again in the Fall.

“This opportunity has allowed me to be even more excited about attending Virginia Tech in the Fall and be a part of the Hokie Nation.” -Melianty

“This program allowed us to have an interactive experience with Virginia Tech and in the end, it was really awesome to be able to be a part of this.” -Brian

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