Kathleen’s Trip to Lorton

Contributing Writer: Kathleen Regalado | Images: CCN-

After the typical stress filled school day, I decided to spontaneously take a trip down to Historic Occoquan and venture into a town I’ve never been into. Before I took the trip down, I drive home to bring my younger brother along with me! On our car trip down we listened to the latest hits and finally arrived in the old-timey small, little town.

We walked across a bridge and over the river: on one side there was the highway off in the distance and in the other the roaring, majestic waterfall. At the end of the bridge was a waterfall that we poked our feet out to touch. We followed and trail and discovered so many little secrets, such as a graffitied rock and tree roots that looked like a natural staircase. Before we left, we ventured into the town and feasted out eyes on the beautiful architecture.

We drove back home, watching the beautiful sun set into our dashboard. Back home in Manassas, we feasted on pizza and starbucks to conclude the day.

Visit the Occoquan! We had tons of fun exploring.

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