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Here’s a creative and unique glimpse at what the CCN Team is all about and what our members did over our Spring Break!

Stephanie Mora

During Spring Break I did a variety of things of things because I had nothing planned. I went to the National Battlefield Park and had and amazing time in such a beautiful, historical place. I also did a small “photo-shoot” for my sister in her point shoes in Old Town, which was really fun and a creative way of me being able to show my love for photography. On April 15, I turned 16 and celebrated with my family which was really exciting and emotional.

Kathleen Regalado

This spring break I spent the time enjoying Manassas and my friends and family, as it is my last break in high school. The break was very much needed: I got time to spend an entire day with my friends at King’s Dominion, be at my nephew’s first birthday party, and go on a hiking trip.

Brandi Hart

This Spring Break I dyed Easter eggs with my friend Adriana. She had never dyed eggs before and I had never set everything up without my mom’s help so it started off as a disaster. However, we managed to make decent looking eggs and we had a bunch of fun laughing and joking about the other struggling.


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