CCN Seniors Announce their College Decision!



It’s Decision Day; seniors across America have paid their college deposits and made their choice on the university that is right for them. Here are what CCN Manassas’ Class of 2017 have planned for the future!

university-of-virginia-logoKathleen Regalado plans to continue her education at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and Peter Valadez plans to spend his next four years at the UVa campus at Wise!


Shivani Patel, Melianty Yularnis, and Brian Timana will be attending Virginia Polytechnical Institute in Blacksburg, Virginia!


Premal Patel will be attending Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia!


Brandi Hart will leaving the state of Virginia to attend the University of Tampa in Florida!


Iris Alonso and Yvonne Cruz will further their education past high school at the Northern Virginia Community College campuses!


Erik Johnson Jr will serve our country in the military after graduation from Osbourn!

Best of luck to all CCN Manassas and Osbourn High School alumni, surely with the education and experiences they have received, they will do great things.


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