Premal’s Venture into India!

Contributing Writer: Premal Patel | Images: CCN-

Traveling is always fun. Over the winter break of 2016, my family and I went to India. Indian clothes are unique and designer and their food is so spicy, I would need a jug to get rid of the taste. We mainly visited India because of my cousins wedding. I was in charge of finding the wedding dress for the bride since I was said to have a “Taste in Fashion.”

A few days being in Ahmedabad, the whole family went to Mumbai for the final wedding dress for the bride. Shopping with Indian women is crazy, all of them went to every single boutiques and by the end of afternoon I felt like I was going to drop dead. Finally, we came across a “sari” (The Indian name for wedding dress) I was starting to give up on the showrooms until I saw the ideal dress for the bride. It was bright pink with a very big, gold border. It was also adorned with gold flowers and leaves. When she came out of the fitting room and stepped into the light, she looked like a queen indeed. I also helped the bride find her reception dress. It was blue and green with multi-colored stones and beads.

After a month of preparation, the wedding was flawless. (The Indian name for wedding is “Laagan”). Indian culture isn’t just about spicy food and clothes; there is so much more to the age-old traditions that were followed, and will continue to be followed from one generation to the next.


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