Book-bags for the homeless


Contributing Writer: Erik Johnson Jr | Images: CCN

I love to Volunteer! Nothing makes me happier than knowing that somebody else is better off in their life because of something I did. Whether it be just helping out at an event like a 5k run or running emergency calls at the fire department, it doesn’t matter, as long as I am helpful in some way. My favorite volunteer event that I did this year was Book-bags for the Homeless. Every year, around Christmas time, my family and I go up to D.C. and spend the whole day handing out book-bags and food to the homeless people. We gather tons of donations from people in our community like hand warmers, blankets, hygiene products, toothpaste, and much more! After we collect everything we go and hand them out to people who need them. I really like this event because of the feedback we get from the homeless. You wouldn’t believe how grateful these people would be over simple things like nail clippers. I never knew how much a hot meal, some supplies, or even just a prayer could mean so much to someone. The stories I have heard, like how they got homeless and the everyday struggles each of them go through, made me so grateful for everything I had. I specifically remember one lady who broke down in tears because she was so grateful for our help, that was amazing. She was used to be a firefighter and so my brother, who is also a firefighter, gave her his fire department jacket that he was wearing! She was just amazed by the act of kindness. That was probably the highlight of our whole trip up their. I believe that our lives were changed as much as theirs was. Great experience!

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