Night of Excellence

Contributing Writer: Jacqueline Mayorga | Images: CCN

The night of excellence was an exciting and great night and along with that came an art show. In the art show, there were a lot of wonderful pieces and most of them were awarded for 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place and honorable during the art show the Osbourn marching band and the Metz Middle school marching band was playing and the crowd seemed to enjoy that a lot. Then the art show followed into the auditorium for the teacher grants and teacher awards and scholarships. The students that got scholarships that night were Casey Quinn, Enrico Gagarin, Kevin Salvatierra, Ana Silva, Josias (Tito) Ventura, Mary Coral, Shanaz Khan, Edward (Jack) Spall, and  Patrick Higgins. Shorty after everyone headed to the commons for light refreshments. It was a good and exciting and amazing performance by the center stage choir and Troop 1317 and congratulations to the teachers and students.

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