First Week of School!!!

osbournIMG_5143Contributing Writer: Leon Sunga | Images: CCN

August 28 was the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year and the Osbourn Eagles are ready to soar through the year! The school has been freshened up with new pavement and has hand painted superhero designs to match the class of 2018’s theme all over the parking lot. Bulletin boards are filled with welcome signs and the halls are decorated with hand-made class banners. You can feel the school spirit throughout the halls! Homecoming is only five weeks away and the time is already flying by. Each class had their own separate assembly throughout the week to meet our new Principal, Mr. Gabalski and new administration! With the recent tragedy of Hurricane Harvey destroying thousands of homes and affecting even more people, our new Principal Mr. Gabalski has also teamed up with the SCA in order to come up with a way that we can help those in Texas. It has been an eventful five days into the school year and we are off with a running start!

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