Paws and Crowns Dog Show !!

Contributing Writer: Samantha Fualk | Images: CCN & OHS After Prom

On Saturday, 3 February 2018, the drool was out in force! The Osbourn High School After Prom committee, organized a pageant featuring local talented dogs to raise money for the 2018 After Prom party.  Sponsored by Old Towne Veterinarian clinic, many dogs, their owners, and various vendors, spent the afternoon entertaining the local community while raising money for a good cause.  The ‘Best of Show’ award went to an 8-year old English Springer Spaniel named Macy. Coincidentally, Macy also won top prize in the ‘Best Manners’ category.  Other winners included: ‘Best Trick’- Tanner, a 3-year old Belgian Malinois, ‘Best Costume’- McGhee, a 10-year old Golden Retriever, and ‘Best Pet/Owner Look-alike’- Penelope, a 4-year old Pomeranian. The Osbourn After Prom was created to keep teenagers safe and to prevent them from becoming a prom statistic. To support the 2018 Osbourn After Prom,  please visit their website:

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