OHS Talent Show

Contributing Writer: Jacqueline Mayorga & Neel Patel | Images: CCN-

February 23, 2018 at Osbourn High School was the night of talent also know as the Talent Show. The talent show is a big deal at Osbourn High School it gives the students of OHS a chance to express and enjoy themselves by performing in front of an audience. Some of the acts that were preformed that night were Solos-Caleb Roach, Dominic Jimenez. Duo-Jenny Luu with Andrew Dean, and Jack Harlow with Nyrae Henderson. Small ensemble – OHS drumline. Dance-Ev4ia dance team and OHS dance team and Lip-sync sophomores, juniors, and seniors,more! Later on it was time for awards-Jacques Watkins award, Solo (Kenneth Hernandez), Duo (Jack Harlow and Nyrae Henderson), Small ensemble (Ryan Phommachan, Joshua Manalansan, Kyle Barros), Dance(Blair Rubach and Monserrat Hernandez) and Lip-sync (SENIOR class).

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