Osbourn Graduation 2018!


Click here to view photos from this event via Google Photos! 

Contributing Writer: Stephanie Mora | Images: CCN-

June 12 was the day that the seniors of class of 2018 were waiting for. With the weather cooperating, the day could not get more perfect to graduate. This day would be the day all seniors would always remember, one more step into adulthood. Family members and friends came to support them and be part of this very special moment. Finally the day all the sleepless nights and waking up early to go take SAT tests would pay off, just to walk that stage and say I did it.

The evening began with family members coming in while the Osbourn choir and band played “Fanfare and Processional”. The ceremony started with vice president Vanessa Gonzalez saying the Pledge of Allegiance and Osbourn center stage following with the national anthem. Mr. Joseph Gabalski took on giving the introductions and as it being his first year as Osbourn high school principal he also gave the first speech, followed by Dr. Catherine Magouyrk’s speech, Manassas City public schools superintendent. This was Dr. Magouyrk’s last time speaking to graduates from Osbourn high school. Mr. Sanford Williams school board chairman and Mr. Hal Parrish mayor of Manassas City congratulated and gave speeches to the graduating seniors.

Litzy Morales class president of 2018 gave the class history making everyone tear up for all the memories the class had left. Mr. Juan Lopez Dean of students, recognized all of the seniors joining military services. Ryan Shoeb graduating class vice president gave the introduction of Salutatorian Jonathan Peters who said the following quote “our journey is like a quilt we’re always adding pieces.” Christian Ebuchulam, graduating class representative gave the introduction of Valedictorian Madeleine Seputro. Christopher McCormick, graduating class secretary introduced the keynote speaker Mr. lawrence Gilligan the college and career coordinator.

Mr. Gabalski did the presentation of the class which meant seniors could start walking up to receive their diplomas and walk the stage, as their counselors say their names. One by one students started walking towards the stage with ushers Stephanie Mora class president of 2019, Shawn Arrigo class vice president of 2019, Sydney Scott class secretary of 2019 and Leon Sunga SCA president guiding the graduating class. When all names had been called class president Litzy Morales while tearing up, directed everyone to turn their tassels. After the long ceremony, families waited for the graduates to congratulate them.

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